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Restaurants, Takeaways & Grill/Steakhouses we have an exciting product for you.

Why choose Naga King?

Quality – we take the greatest pride in our products and care deeply about everything we make. Our ongoing business investment in machinery and staff training helps to ensure customers get a consistently high quality, product but with a handmade taste.
Every stage of the process is ensured to highest cleanliness and quality protocol.

Service – we operate a five-day a week delivery service throughout the year – this is increased to a seven day a week service in the summer season. There is no additional delivery cost or surcharge for this service. We will call you each day to get an order for next day delivery – this ensures you can react quickly to peaks and troughs of customer demand.

Range – from “consumer” to “commercial” Products, we have a product range ideal for most Food retailers and hospitality businesses. We are also happy to discuss tailor made solutions to your product needs.

Price – we believe our prices provide excellent value for money and a good Return of Investment (ROI).

Marketing – We are huge on marketing and social media with a dedicated marketing team to make sure we are the hottest talk right now.
Every stockiest is promoted through our store locater and every Commercial client is promoted in our social media.

Making consistent base/spice mix every time is a huge challenge for chefs, who need time and skill to get it right. Perhaps it’s time to check out ready-to-use Naga King Commercial 1L.

Having the time and the necessary skills to make consistent sauces of the highest calibre is a challenge, however, chefs are becoming less precious about admitting they will call on help, as long as it does not compromise their dish

There has also been a rise in the popularity for cooked from scratch meals over the last couple of years as people crave good quality and comforting food, rather than ostentatious expensive dishes. Ready-to-use Naga King allows caterers to keep control over their meal preparation, without the fuss of having to prepare everything from scratch.

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